Why My Domain doesnt say “opinions”

I’d love to say it’s because it has some sort of deep meaning and insight. But I can’t. Yup I really hate to burst your bubble but im stuck with this domain because I am the typo queen. which you’ll probably figure out on your own soon anyway :). But yah I thought to myself every single good domain is taken why not pick one indicating that my blog is gonna be about what I think about. So when I typed in myopionsmythoughts thinking it said myopinionsmythoughts I got widely excited that no one else had it. I don’t know why it never crosses my mind to reread it, but then again in my mind I would have thought it said opinion anyway. Yah my happiness ended like 10 minutes after I realized my mistake.  So that’s my explanation for my failed domain.

I promise not all my blogs will be this boring :).  Maybe ill write a list on random crap, maybe ill write some fiction, maybe ill rant, if anything I just wanna make you smile, or at least nod in agreement. So sit back TAKE YOUR HAND OFF THE MOUSE AND DON’T CLICK TO A DIFFERENT BLOG, and enjoy the random. Just expect expressions. And I’ll be honest sometimes when ranting I can be too brutally honest but bear with me.

ps: if anyone knows how to change domains PLEASE tell me, id like to know your ‘opion’ on how to fix it



4 thoughts on “Why My Domain doesnt say “opinions”

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