Things I Dont Understand

  • boys
  • why boys are such idiots
  • why grown men hit on teenagers knowing perfectly well that it can land their old wrinkly behind in jail
  • kit-kats
  • why people over use words when its trendy thus causing it to be over used and lose its effect (ie fail, epic..)
  • why boys have their pants around their knees and then have the nerve to wear a belt to keep it in place
  • currently how to use tumblr (i originally wrote this on tumblr)…and wordpress for that matter
  • why no one listens to me
  • why people in scary movies run upstairs instead of into to their car and to the nearest police station
  • cell phones that waste battery by telling you it needs to be charged
  • raisins
  • why others can make mistakes all the time but the one time i screw up they bite my head off
  • why boys who sagg get mad when you make fun of their boxers
  • why i need to know the gravitational poll of pluto
  • why dimes are smaller than nickles and pennies when a dime is worth more
  • why dora asks me a question then ignores me but listens to that blue arrow
  • microwaves having the popcorn button but popcorn bags specifically telling you not to use it
  • why some bathrooms you push to go in but pull to go out
  • did i already say raisins?
  • why people say that ‘awkward moment when’ when 90% of the time the situation is not awkward
  • why i’m making this list
  • why you’re reading this list (but i appreciate you doing so)
  • why i’m going to end this list with this
  • why the top line rhyming made me laugh
  • why i lied when i said 2 lines it would be the last one
  • why i’m still rambling on
  • why i’m going to say to be continued

    to be continued…
    add your own, or tell me your ‘opion’ of the list in the comments


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