My Favorite Youtubers

told you I was a youtube nerd

  • mitchell davis (met him <3)
  • destry
  • shane dawson
  • kyle sibert (met him <3)
  • nathen (desandnate)
  • onision
  • deefizzy
  • swiftkaratechop
  • sean klitzner
  • jackfilms
  • tobuscus
  • ryan higa
  • community channel
  • ray william johnson
  • lance patrick (chatted with him on skype <3)
  • hoodie allen (replied to my tweet <3)
  • cyr
  • meekakitty (met her <3)
  • finebrothers
  • heyitsmilly
  • brittanilouisetaylor
  • mattg124
  • alex carpenter (met him <3)
  • collegehumor(mainly jake and amir)
  • steffcomedy
  • teamfourstar
  • pogobat
  • wheezywaiter
  • totallysketch
  • jason munday (met him <3)
  • vlogbrothers
  • smpfilms
  • FNC(fridaynightcranks)
  • charlieissocoollike
  • nerimon
  • kickthepj
  • joenation
  • ownagepranks
  • mysteryguitarman
  • potentialcelebrity
  • secretagentbob
  • nanalew (met her <3)
  • kpopp
  • philip de franco (sxephil)
  • mritryhard
  • wehavegirlfriends
    Now if you were to ask me to rank them, that would probably take me a good week or so because I’ll end up trying to debate against myself trying to see who goes where on the list. I mean I could always try by putting who I watch the most but it would still probably take me forever. But yah, do you watch youtube? If so who do you watch? What’s your “opion” on my taste?….I really hope I didnt miss any youtubers

One thought on “My Favorite Youtubers

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