About Me

Lets see I love STRAWBERRIES… I love to laugh and make others laugh. I’m in high school and a theatre actor (equity?, pssh I wish) and I play tennis and I write. You can pretty much expect random posts that are at least entertaining, whether it be lists, stories, poems, rants I hope you enjoy it. My humor/writing style can tend to be sarcastic but it’s not all the time. I love feedback that always helps and we have our ‘opions’ so I can respect yours even if you disagree with something I say. I do make typos a lot from time to time – I should have chosen TypoQueen as my username- but ill try my best to proof read. I guess it doesn’t help i use a lot of big words I cant spell.

Follow if you wanna, I hope you do but I wont be mad if you don’t…but seriously click the follow button, I don’t bite 🙂

Thank You 😀


I also probably use emoticons waaaay more than i should…and side comments (ie. parenthesis, those dash thingys)…and also… and probably dot dot dot’s…

I am also such a youtube nerd


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hey your like for strawberries is seen through the theme of your blog! its amazing… but i was wondering why aren’t you using any widget??? you know it will add beauty to your blog and then you can even personalize it the way you want. and heres just a little suggeston for you if you dont mind, please…please… go on posting coz i really love reading them all. love, konica

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