How I ended up meeting my fav youtubers after all

Anyone who has searched up the dial up tour and found my blog about how the tickets were sold out. Well I never actually got to updating it where like a few days later I checked the site and the meet and greet tickets were back on for sale. So I ended up re-buying tickets from that official and getting my sister to buy the house of blues ones off of me. Then I made a horrible mistake and accidentally bought NC tickets which wasn’t useful to me at all. In the end I ended up buying 5 tickets in the process 1 went to my friend, my sisters gonna pay me for the other 2 and as for the 3rd one, I used my extra poster and got Mitchell and Kyle to sign it in purple (I would have had everyone sign the poster but I originally was gonna give it to them and tell them that they can give it away as a prize to the audience or those you didn’t get a meet and greet ticket since I had an extra but I ended up changing my mind when I got to Kyle, I know im a horrible person). Kyle chuckled when I told him about my 3rd poster and asked if I like purple, which I love. Afterwards me and friend made Mitchell lose the game, his reaction was priceless “I LOVED YOU! YOU WERE EVERYTHING! HOW COULD YOU!” man I love him ❤ at the end I ended up in an extra long hug with him in attempt to take a photo and he said I give the best hugs ever. that means I have #hugswag and now im super ecstatic. There were a lot of photo mishaps like when I tried to take one with Alex, my friend didn’t know how to work the camera he said “were fine here, take you time, we’ll just stay here and hug”, things like that, he’s a really genuine person, so sweet <3. I’m thinking of posting the pictures. I took photos with everyone except meekakitty and nanalew, my friends mom was waiting for us. The show its self was really good, really fun and entertaining and I really hope they do another tour, the songs by Alex and Jason were really good and Jason was hilarous when he sang Meekakittys part in a song, you see Alex laughing, Mitchell and Kyle did the skit paper which I love but I didn’t realize I remember it until i saw Mitchell carrying toilet paper but it was too late they already picked someone to go up on stage. But everyone was so nice, believe me they are nice as you think they are, probably nicer, and heads up for future goers of the dial up tour, Mitchell and Alex(who by the way wrote a heart on my signature 😀  and is super super sweet) give thee best hugs there, Jason monday smells fantastic, nanalew will openly give you a hug at the meet and greet table(she’s also really nice), meekakitty is as crazy as she seems online but in a good way, Olan is super funny, and Kyle is so adorable <3, it was thee best day ever :).


Happy New Year and My Obligated Resolutions

Happy New Year! I feel obligated to do resolutions (But I don’t feel obligated to saw Happy New Year, I wanted to do that) because I know I have things I want to change about myself, and I feel like saying what I plan to add to this blog but not having a blog dedicated to it if that makes sense or might depending on how long this list becomes, then again this wouldn’t be here if I decided to make a separate…look I’m rambling again.  Anyway here’s my list

  • Great I can’t find the notebook I put my resolutions in, so I guess my first one is to find the book
  • Found it! Move out of the current apartment I’m in (okay yah I have no control over this seeing as my mom pays the bills but I really want to move and I’m hoping we do that soon)
  • Stand up myself. I really need to start doing this, yah I don’t get bullied like I used to when I was little but I know I don’t defend myself as well as I  should
  • Meet Mitchell Davis and Kyle Sibert (this one I’ll be doing soon I just added this to make myself happy, I can’t wait till the dial up tour happens)
  • Finish writing one of my books. Okay so I have started like a bunch of books but never have I finished them yet because I procrastinate and forget a lot and spend my time either playing video games or computer games while watching YouTube
  • Stop wearing my sweater zipped up all the time. I wear to many sweaters (zip ups) and a majority of the time no one sees my outfit, but believe me I have a better reason for the resolution I just don’t feel like writing it lol
  • Get more friends on Xbox live, I just got my Xbox the day before yesterday, sadly I still have to order my games, so I’m going to do that soon and I’ll probably never leave it alone, I plan on getting halo but also a bunch of girly games, I play all types of video games buuuuut if you want to add me mine is Strawberrygyrl6
  • Be more diverse on this site. Man I hope I used that word right. What I mean by this is adding more of my fiction and poetry funny stories yada yada, you know switching it up a little.
  • Go vegan for a month. I. Need. To. Do. This. I really really want to at least give it a try.
  • Start posting videos on my YouTube channel. I actually may not do this one, although I’m thinking I should since I already have 2 videos of me on there because of a theatre program I was with, but I’m not sure if I want to put videos up just yet
  • Come up with more resolutions (self-explanatory)

Sooooo… Do you have any resolutions?

My MiniFreakout

I’ll be honest,

I’m a bigger YouTube nerd than I should admit and one of my favorite YouTubers is livelavalive(Mitchell Davis and Kyle Sibert). Now, me and friend were planning on going to see the dial-up tour and do the meet and greet but we had to wait until our parents gave us permission. A week or two later our parents gave us permission and the only think left to do, was well get the tickets. My mom said that we shouldn’t order the tickets until they paid and my friend’s mom said that they shouldnt pay until they got the tickets. Neither parent knew what the other was thinking but I thought of an idea to just use my paycheck and tell my mom that my friend gave me the money (then later on she would get the tickets and I would get my money back). So Thursday night comes along(or Wednesday I don’t quite remember) my mom finally goes to order the tickets and I find out the tickets in my city are sold out. I cried that night. I know I know, I shouldn’t cry over something like that but I’ll admit it, I cried. I was super excited to go and whoosh the opportunity was taken away. After many tears and explaining to my friend the tickets were sold out, Friday showed up. I was watching a Jake and Amir video where they said they were in my city, in the same place where livelavalive was supposed to be. I looked it up on their website and what do I see, an upcoming performance of livelavalive. So I click on it and they had tickets for sale. I was a bit confused cause the dial-up tour site said that they were sold out.  I go through the process of trying to order it, while frantically getting ready for an Xmas party. In the end I end up getting the tickets. There was no meet and greet but I could still see a few of my fav YouTubers. I called up my friend super excited. And now I’m extra happy because I do get to see them after all. Yah, I can’t do the meet and greet but I still get to see them. Besides when I get there I’m taking the first offer I get to meet them, whether its last minute meet and greet tickets or being pulled up on stage. Thanks for reading my incredible dorky story.  🙂

My Favorite Youtubers

told you I was a youtube nerd

  • mitchell davis (met him <3)
  • destry
  • shane dawson
  • kyle sibert (met him <3)
  • nathen (desandnate)
  • onision
  • deefizzy
  • swiftkaratechop
  • sean klitzner
  • jackfilms
  • tobuscus
  • ryan higa
  • community channel
  • ray william johnson
  • lance patrick (chatted with him on skype <3)
  • hoodie allen (replied to my tweet <3)
  • cyr
  • meekakitty (met her <3)
  • finebrothers
  • heyitsmilly
  • brittanilouisetaylor
  • mattg124
  • alex carpenter (met him <3)
  • collegehumor(mainly jake and amir)
  • steffcomedy
  • teamfourstar
  • pogobat
  • wheezywaiter
  • totallysketch
  • jason munday (met him <3)
  • vlogbrothers
  • smpfilms
  • FNC(fridaynightcranks)
  • charlieissocoollike
  • nerimon
  • kickthepj
  • joenation
  • ownagepranks
  • mysteryguitarman
  • potentialcelebrity
  • secretagentbob
  • nanalew (met her <3)
  • kpopp
  • philip de franco (sxephil)
  • mritryhard
  • wehavegirlfriends
    Now if you were to ask me to rank them, that would probably take me a good week or so because I’ll end up trying to debate against myself trying to see who goes where on the list. I mean I could always try by putting who I watch the most but it would still probably take me forever. But yah, do you watch youtube? If so who do you watch? What’s your “opion” on my taste?….I really hope I didnt miss any youtubers

Things I want to do before I die/ Bucket List

Those crossed off i have done before i tried not to add anything that i have done before making a list but some i accomplished something i really wanted to do and thats why some things are already crossed off. Note: just because something is at the bottom of the list and is crossed off does not mean it was done last, i added things to the list in random places and as i thought of them

  1. Fall in love
  2. Get a lead in a play or at least a really important principle character
  3. Actually be able to sing properly
  4. Act on stage for a professional theatre
  5. Become an equity actor
  6. Try to take up cheerleading again
  7. Voice at least 5 cartoon character voices on TV
  8. Launch videos on my YouTube channel
  9. Stop being a wimp and tell a guy I like himto his face
  10. Meet at least 1 of the Youtubers on my list
  11. See atleast 1 of my fav Youtubers live
  12. Meet all the YouTubers on my list (list will be coming out soon….)
  13. Kiss one of the YouTubers on my list…but I guess a hug would do too but I’d prefer a kiss (got the hug not a kiss, then again i didnt ask for one lol)
  14. Do a successful back-flip
  15. Be a part of a flashmob
  16. At least try to go vegetarian for  3 months
  17. Have my hair grow 6 inches past my shoulder
  18. Become captain of my tennis team
  19. Shop in paris
  20. Go a day without making a fool of myself
  21. Actually finish writing of one the novels I started
  22. Perform an original poem at a poetry slam
  23. Make a cd worth of lyrics and have someone sing it
  24. Get married and have children
  25. Become good friends with a youtuber(i feel like most youtubers understand me better than most people in school)…not a TV celeb…I have my  reasons
  26. Face plant into a cake on camera but only if its vanilla cake with chocolate frosting…even though chocolate cake is my fav and face planting into a cake would be completely embarrassing
  27. Go to a party on a yacht
  28. Throw a hotel pool party
  29. Learn to juggle
  30. Make the world’s best smoothie
  31. Drink the world’s best smoothie
  32. Sell the world’s best smoothie
  33. Discontinue the sale of the world’s best smoothie so I can have it to my self
  34. Even though I hate science fair projects so much I would like to actually be accepted into science fair so I won’t have to feel like it wasn’t a waste of time
  35. Meet Eminem, Bowling for SoupWe the kings
  36. Learn to swim
  37. Be paid to act
  38. Move in with my best friend after college
  39. Go to vidcon …yah I told you I’m a YouTube nerd
  40. Be fluent in sign lanuage
  41. Spend a day talking in third person
  42. Spend a day narrating my life
  43. Have a sleepover on Halloween and only watch scary movies
  44. Do one of those tv montouges where the music plays while me and my friends try on clothes and take loads of photos
  45. Convince someone that they slept through a whole day
  46. Try out for a musical
  47. Get casted for a musical
  48. Be in a musical
  49. Make varsity on my tennis team
  50. Make a dramatic exit