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Not Perfect

(I’ll be honest…)
Okay let get a few things straight. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, NOBODY IS FRICKEN PERFECT. Sorry to burst your bubble but what your guardians told you was a lie. You’re not perfect, you may be perfect in their eyes and that’s totally understandable and true the extent that you’re perfect the way you are but in all reality you’re not perfect and that’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes, humans are F.L.A.W.E.D. flawed. No one in this world walks around like a robot that can do no harm. Why am I on this rampage? Because im a 3.3 + gpa student, this has to do with me being scared of failure and mom my accepting no lower than a b-. now ive gotten lower than b’s before on tests I’m not gonna lie, but it usually doesn’t drastically affect my overall grade. I decided to tell my mom about the c I got my latin test only because my teacher decided to give us 4 -5 line random translation(which brought my grade down on the test). Now translation is not really a problem because you just memorize but think of it this way. Each chapter was about 20 lines and the test was on about 8 chapters. If you do the math that means there’s a total of about 160 lines. And she gave us only five lines on the test, but a random 5 lines, so we didn’t know which one to study. That’s 5 lines out of 160 lines making that a 1/32 ( 0.03%) chance of having remembered the right one. How does my mom respond to this when I tell her? Oh she decides to lecture me on my study techniques. That wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t something I already do. I tried to explain to her how the majority of all the classes got 50’s and she tells me I’m not the other students. Alright I find that understandable argument I’m NOT everyone else but at the same time you’d think those other low scores would make my point valid but I guess to my mom it doesn’t. But forget about my grade story. There are other things you can mess up on. Everyone makes mistakes you’re supposed to learn from them. I honestly should take my own advice because half the time I feel like it’s the end of the world when I ever I make a mistake even though it’s clearly not. That shows I over react to a lot, I know I can be a drama queen – probably why I do theatre- thus a flaw showing I’m not perfect either. So if you got offended by me telling you not perfect you shouldn’t be, it’s the truth. And i’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, YOU. ARE. NOT. PERFECT. And that’s okay I’ll accept you for who you are anyway <3. And a quick side note, if you think you’re perfect -…someone needs an ego check- then you’re clearly not perfect. It drives me crazy when people walk around and think they’re the hottest thing on the planet and they’re soo perfect. Well I just found your flaw Mr. Narcissistic. And there are soo many nice people out there that I can’t say are perfect because they are too nice, or they don’t stand up for themselves or possibly have made mistakes in the past or will in the near future. But keep this in mind, not being perfect does not mean you’re not a good person. It also doesn’t mean you should change who you are. Sorry about this excessive rant but I just needed to let my feelings out. And if it helps your perfect to me <3…even with your flaws :). Any “opions”?

ps: If you ever get the idea that i’m perfect which i doubt you will, just take a look at the url at the topic of the screen and notice how it doesn’t say opinions


Things I want to do before I die/ Bucket List

Those crossed off i have done before i tried not to add anything that i have done before making a list but some i accomplished something i really wanted to do and thats why some things are already crossed off. Note: just because something is at the bottom of the list and is crossed off does not mean it was done last, i added things to the list in random places and as i thought of them

  1. Fall in love
  2. Get a lead in a play or at least a really important principle character
  3. Actually be able to sing properly
  4. Act on stage for a professional theatre
  5. Become an equity actor
  6. Try to take up cheerleading again
  7. Voice at least 5 cartoon character voices on TV
  8. Launch videos on my YouTube channel  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvmOY4w861E&context=C3be0a1fADOEgsToPDskKs2f4nPI2pNId-Lx1_ANE5
  9. Stop being a wimp and tell a guy I like himto his face
  10. Meet at least 1 of the Youtubers on my list
  11. See atleast 1 of my fav Youtubers live
  12. Meet all the YouTubers on my list (list will be coming out soon….)
  13. Kiss one of the YouTubers on my list…but I guess a hug would do too but I’d prefer a kiss (got the hug not a kiss, then again i didnt ask for one lol)
  14. Do a successful back-flip
  15. Be a part of a flashmob
  16. At least try to go vegetarian for  3 months
  17. Have my hair grow 6 inches past my shoulder
  18. Become captain of my tennis team
  19. Shop in paris
  20. Go a day without making a fool of myself
  21. Actually finish writing of one the novels I started
  22. Perform an original poem at a poetry slam
  23. Make a cd worth of lyrics and have someone sing it
  24. Get married and have children
  25. Become good friends with a youtuber(i feel like most youtubers understand me better than most people in school)…not a TV celeb…I have my  reasons
  26. Face plant into a cake on camera but only if its vanilla cake with chocolate frosting…even though chocolate cake is my fav and face planting into a cake would be completely embarrassing
  27. Go to a party on a yacht
  28. Throw a hotel pool party
  29. Learn to juggle
  30. Make the world’s best smoothie
  31. Drink the world’s best smoothie
  32. Sell the world’s best smoothie
  33. Discontinue the sale of the world’s best smoothie so I can have it to my self
  34. Even though I hate science fair projects so much I would like to actually be accepted into science fair so I won’t have to feel like it wasn’t a waste of time
  35. Meet Eminem, Bowling for SoupWe the kings
  36. Learn to swim
  37. Be paid to act
  38. Move in with my best friend after college
  39. Go to vidcon …yah I told you I’m a YouTube nerd
  40. Be fluent in sign lanuage
  41. Spend a day talking in third person
  42. Spend a day narrating my life
  43. Have a sleepover on Halloween and only watch scary movies
  44. Do one of those tv montouges where the music plays while me and my friends try on clothes and take loads of photos
  45. Convince someone that they slept through a whole day
  46. Try out for a musical
  47. Get casted for a musical
  48. Be in a musical
  49. Make varsity on my tennis team
  50. Make a dramatic exit